Giveaway Linky

Howdy Heroes!

I may have mentioned once (or a million times) that I love giveaways. It seems natural, then, to have a listing here on the site of places you can go register for more giveaways. Because who doesn’t love winning things? So! Beginning on Monday, December 17, 2012 we’ll have a weekly linky here where you can sign up for wonderful giveaways. Or if you have a giveaway you can link it up.

See you Monday!

  • Monday Giveaway Linky: Heavy Discussions Edition December 15, 2014 man leaning face on hand

    Heroes, there are times in life when young people can cause SUCH deep discussions. Oy. Both this weekend and the last one saw me getting embroiled in drama. I’m not wildly fond of drama. So thankfully, it’s Monday and we can get back to the normal stuff. Right? Don’t answer that.An ...

  • Monday Giveaway Linky: Afraid of the Email Edition December 8, 2014 the word 'scared' arranged vertically

    Hello, Heroes! I woke up this morning and realized I hadn’t posted the linky yet! So sorry. The truth is I spent the weekend hiding from my email. Spammers have found me, and (shudder) it takes ages to wade through all those messages. Of course, I’ve made it worse by ...

  • Monday Giveaway Linky, Post Thanksgiving Edition December 1, 2014 cartoon turkey standing on platter, wearing hat with caption Happy Thanksgiving

    Hello, Heroes. Happy Monday after Thanksgiving. I hope you had a lovely weekend. We did a little shopping, some resting, and a lot of work. I got a massive amount of work done on a couple of web sites. Phew. It’s frequently amazing how much time some of these ...

  • Monday Giveaway Linky: Cheering Up Edition November 24, 2014 dog named Marlee looking at camera curiously

    Good Monday, Heroes! Today we are more cheerful than we were last week. You see, we had to decide it was time to find a new home for our beloved Marlee (one of our Jack Russell Terriers). She really needs to be the only pet in the home; living here with another ...

  • Monday Giveaway Linky: Time off for Good Behavior Edition November 17, 2014 woman laying on table getting massage

    Hello, Heroes! Here we are at Monday again. I have to tell you that I did something potentially naughty this weekend. I didn’t turn on the computer. For 2 days! I got lots of other things done, including resting quietly for a time. It was wonderful. I highly recommend unplugging ...