Giveaway Linky

Howdy Heroes!

I may have mentioned once (or a million times) that I love giveaways. It seems natural, then, to have a listing here on the site of places you can go register for more giveaways. Because who doesn’t love winning things? So! Beginning on Monday, December 17, 2012 we’ll have a weekly linky here where you can sign up for wonderful giveaways. Or if you have a giveaway you can link it up.

See you Monday!

  • Monday Give Away Linky, Labor Day 2014 September 1, 2014 iswimband system with box, 2 bands, and sensor

    Good Labor Day, Heroes! Summer flew too fast this year, and here we are at the beginning of September already. Phew. I hope life doesn’t speed up any more. I don’t think I could keep up! Today in addition to the linky, we have a terrific giveaway hosted here on the blog. It’s an iSwimBand system. ...

  • Monday Give Away Linky, Late August Edition August 18, 2014 broom leaning against wall

    Good Monday, Heroes! I still have the goal of finishing up all of the archive edits (mentioned those last week) and getting things back on track with the blog this month. It’ll be nice to get back to regular publishing again! Also, please check in later this week for a new giveaway of a GREAT product. In ...

  • Monday Give Away Linky, Making Progress Edition August 11, 2014 woman on couch covered with moving boxes

    So, Heroes! We’ve been making fantastic progress around here. Last week saw not only a successful Vacation Bible School program (I have a lot of responsibilities with it), but a wildly successful garage sale right here at Earnest Parenting HQ. We’ve been collecting items and cleaning out closets and corners all summer, ...

  • Monday Give Away Linky, It’s August Edition August 4, 2014 closeup of boy smiling at camera

    Oh, my goodness. Here we are again with another week gone by. Is the summer going too fast for you? It’s going too fast for me. The good news is we have another giveaway linky! Check out the contests below and enter as many as appeal to you....

  • Oy. I Missed the Linky Deadline – Again July 28, 2014 Amy, the editor of Earnest Parenting

    Soooooooo, yea. I didn’t get the linky up last night, and now it’s really too late so I have decided to just post something explanatory and excusatory (I just made that word up. You’re welcome.) and live to try to do better next week. After a spring sports season in which 4 boys were ...